• Platinum Wet Dog Food - Fish + Chicken

Platinum Wet Dog Food - Fish + Chicken

Platinum 提供

PLATINUM MENU Fish+Chicken is only made with high-quality ingredients which are also suitable for human consumption:

  • 57 % fresh chicken and 26 % fresh fish (tuna and sardine) / 46 % fresh chciken and 37 % fresh fish for MENU Mini
  • Potato as high-quality carbohydrate source
  • Vegetables with natural antioxidants
  • Oils and fats contained in fresh meat/fish for the optimum fat balance

Meat and fish cooked in their own juices with 67.7 % moisture and 68 % moisture respectively, all coming from fresh ingredients. Your dog will crave for it!

PLATINUM MENU fish + chicken comes in two different packaging formats: either a revolutionary Tetra Recart® or in a convenient 100 gram pot. Taste and aroma remains until the last bite.

Composition: Fresh chicken meat (57 %), fresh tuna (16 %), fresh sardine (10 %), dehydrated potato, broccoli, carrots, leek, salmon oil.

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