CatanDog's Anti Ticks & Fleas Tag


Effective for dogs and cats of any age, weight, size and type. Eco-friendly, no chemical, no smell, no toxic and no worries. CatanDog’s® is a unique concept that will keep fleas and ticks away from your dog and cat for up two years.

  • Eco and pets friendly tick and fleas repellent
  • Effective for dogs and cats of any age, weight and size
  • Effective for sick, convalescent and pregnant dogs and cats
  • 100% safe for humans to touch the CatanDog’s medal and pets.
  • Completely safe with no side effects
  • Keep your children playing with your pets
  • Contains no chemical elements, non-toxic and odor free

Inside the CatanDog’s Product:
When you buy a CatanDog’s Medal, you will receive the following

  • A printed box with all the essential information from the product
  • An english leaflet with all the information related to the medal, how to use it and relevant details on ticks and fleas.
  • A CatanDog’s Medal with a keyring to make it easier to attach to your dog.

Our product #: 214872

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