• Simple Solution Disposable Diapers - Male Wrap-  Medium

Simple Solution Disposable Diapers - Male Wrap- Medium


Keep your furry pal comfy and dry–and your mind at ease–with Simple Solution Disposable Male Wraps.
These soft, leak-proof wraps feature a super-absorbent core and adjustable, fur-friendly fasteners for a snug, comfortable fit. Simply position the wrap and pull the adjustable closures around his back to secure it in place; the unique stretchy material is designed to stay in place no matter how much your little wiggle-worm squirms.
Accidents are bound to happen, as they say, but the one-two combination of leak-proof barriers and an extra-absorbent pad help make sure your four-legged friend’s accidental piddle stays in the wrap and doesn’t end up on the floor or furniture.

For the best fit, match the below dimensions to your pet's measurements as closely as possible. If your pet falls somewhere between two sizes, we advise ordering the larger of the two.

How your measure your dog for proper fit:

A. Measure dog at narrowest point around waist

B. Measure dog from top of base of tail along back waistline

C. Measure dog from bottom of base of tail underneath to waistline

Size Dog Weight Adjustable Length
TOY under 10 lbs 9 - 14 inches
SMALL 10 - 25 lbs 12 - 19 inches
MEDIUM 25 - 50 lbs 15 - 23 inches
LARGE 50 - 75 lbs 18 - 27 inches

Sizing for each dog is unique. We highly recommend you measure your pet precisely with a flexible tape measure to ensure the best fit. 

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