• Prevue Pet Grass Ball - Small

Prevue Pet Grass Ball - Small

Give your small pet the perfect sanctuary with the Prevue Pet Products Hideaway Grass Ball toy. This hand-woven grass activity center is a safe, snug place for your small mouse, dwarf rabbit, hamster or gerbil to get some much-needed 'me time.' He'll curl up comfortably—surrounded by real, natural grass—and happily nap, relax or even chew! Plus, the sweet fragrance of all-natural black grass will encourage your pet to fulfil his natural instinctive need to burrow, explore and nest—providing hours of fun playtime. Key Benefits A hand-woven grass activity center was made especially for your small animal. The sweet scent encourages your pet to burrow, explore and nest. Grass ball is woven of all-natural black grass, measuring approximately 4-inches in diameter. Made without nails or staples that can harm your precious furry friend. Can help provide a sense of safety and security for your small pet.

Dimensions :
4' inches

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