• Platinum Fit-Sticks Snacks for Dogs - Chicken + Rabbit 300g

Platinum Fit-Sticks Snacks for Dogs - Chicken + Rabbit 300g


The healthy, low-fat treats for training or walks in the park are suitable for dogs of any age and breed. In addition they are free of additives that put strain on the body of your dog.

Like PLATINUM complete food, PLATINUM Chicken+Lamb Fit-Sticks contain only high-quality ingredients which are also suitable for human consumption:

  • 76 % fresh chicken and fresh rabbit
  • Rice as a high-quality carbohydrate
  • Green shell mussel extract and other nourishing herbs

Cooked in its own meat juices, gently dried and formed into sticks, approx. 30 sticks are packed into every pot. With 18 % residual moisture, PLATINUM Fit-Sticks are moist and delicious. We are sure your dog will love them!

Composition: Fresh chicken and rabbit meat (76 %), fresh chicken liver, broken rice, green-lipped mussel extract, dried carrots, dried tomatoes, dried african marigold, dried dandelion, dried broccoli, dried green tea, dried chamomile, dried oregano, dried milk thistle seed, dried cranberry seed, dried seaweed, potassium chloride.

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