High5Dogs CLIC Leash with Leader System- Color Red- Length 55 8mm


Lifestyle for Two

With the Introduction of the CLIC leash, High5dogs is the first to incorporate an innovative system to the traditional leash where one can tether a dog with only one hand and in a singe motion. The CLIC system makes it so much more convenient to bring your pooch pal along for any occasion.

Phone rings and you’re holding your dog and a coffee? No problem. One CLIC ties your dog to a railing and so you can get to your phone. Paying for take out? One simple CLIC frees your hands so you can pay and add your condiments.

Length 55'/140 cm, shortened length 43'/110 cm. 

Leather trimmings, bespoke hardware, unique rope. 

The maximum loading strength:
- 5/16' / 8 mm CLIC leash: 100 kg. If your dog is a strong puller, we recommend that you do not use this leash on a dog weighing over 15 kg /35 LBS.

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