Dog Gone Smart Cat Litter Mat- Color Brown- 35x26


The Dog Gone Smart Cat Litter Mat solves the problem of messy litter scatter once and for all. This litter mat is a giant super sponge with the wicking power of millions of microfiber strands to pull excess litter off your cat’s feet and trap it into the mat, keeping floors clean and dry. Unlike competing products, the Cat Litter Mat uses double basting even stitching that makes it a more durable product that won't come unraveled by use or washing. It fits nicely under standard litter boxes and can also be used under food and water bowls or at the front door to absorb any pet mess. The soft, microfiber material on this mat is gentle on cats’ paws and, unlike competing products, the heavy 'gripper' non-skid backing keeps it in place. It’s also easy to clean; simply shake out the litter or machine wash.
What's the Trick?
Their advanced Microfiber Technology traps water and mud Instantly! Millions of soft microfiber strands create an extra large super-sponge. For use just about anywhere! It's more than just a doormat! 

- The advanced wicking technology pulls excess litter off the cat's paws & into the mat
- Soft microfiber fabric is gentle on paws
- The gripper backing helps keep mat in place
- Machine wash or shake out excess litter to clean
- Multi-use : Under food & water dishes, too!
Sizes comes in 35' x 26' inches

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