Bugsy's Treats Fish Slithers - Wild Caught Fish Strips 80g


Bugsy "Fish Slithers' are made from the Mackeral belly, where most of the Omega-3 oils are stored, making this a great topper during meal times.

The fish are wild caught using sustainable practices* off the northern shores of Australia.

The Mackeral fish forage naturally from the ocean, so the Omega 3 oil and nutrient content is naturally higher than farmed fish, which are often fed genetically modified feeds containing antibiotics and fillers such as wheat and starches.

If you are feeding your dogs chicken or pork which is low in Omega-3, Fish Slithers are a tasty addition bursting with nutritional benefits for pets in all stages of life, but are especially good for seniors suffering inflammatory skin conditions, joint & arthritis problems.

Product Highlights:

  • Dehydrated with no preservatives or nasty ingredients
  • Ideal as a topper during meal times
  • Natural Dental Chew
  • Rich in Omega-3 Oils for healthy skin and coat
  • Anti-inflammatory; great for senior pets.
  • Great for cardiovascular health

Nutritional Analysis:
Crude Protein 23.8%
Crude Fat 17.8%

Ingredients: 100% Australian Mackerel Belly

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