PoochPad PoochPants Male Diaper Wrap


PoochPants Male Diaper Wraps are an innovative dog diaper that combines the unsurpassed absorbency and odor controlling properties of PoochPads into a comfortable and easily managed diaper construction. PoochPants Male Diaper Wraps require no inserts and are completely washable and reusable (Guaranteed for 300 washes!). Each PoochPants contains Microfine fiber technology to control odors. Male wraps are available in four sizes to fit most Pooches (Small to X-Large). PoochPants keep your "leaky" male pooch bone-dry and protects their skin.

Similar to sizing for PoochPants Diapers, these measurements will assist you in a proper fit for your pooch. The information below shows the circumference range (distance around your pooch’s waist) for each size of PoochPants Male Diaper Wraps.

Size / Circumference Range / Weight
SMALL / 12" - 15" / 8 to 15 lbs.
MEDIUM / 16” - 22” / 15 to 35 lbs.
LARGE / 23” - 28” / 35 to 55 lbs.
X-LARGE / 28" - 35” / 55 to 90 lbs.

Our product #: 214153

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