• Platinum Forte Oral Clean+Care 3-in-1 Spray 65ml

Platinum Forte Oral Clean+Care 3-in-1 Spray 65ml


For cats and dogs

  • Removes tartar
  • Remedies gum infection
  • Fights halitosis (bad breath)

Composition: Water, citrus seed extracts, herb oils, alcohol

Application: Depending on the pet's weight you spray 2 - 6 times every morning and evening - that's it. Pets should not eat or drink 30 minutes before and after the treatment. After the successful treatment, for maintenance you should apply Oral Clean+Care once every 3 days in order to prevent the build-up of new tartar, protect the gums from inflammation and eliminate halitosis.

We recommend: First Classic, then Forte! For the first round of treatment, it is preferable to use OralClean+Care Classic. If your pet tolerates it well, change if necessary after the first bottle to OralClean+Care Forte.

Bottle Content: 65ml is sufficient for up to 400 x spray

Our product #: 214906

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