• Platinum Forte Oral Clean+Care 3-in-1 Gel 120ml

Platinum Forte Oral Clean+Care 3-in-1 Gel 120ml


For cats and dogs

  • Removes tartar
  • Remedies gum infection
  • Fights halitosis (bad breath)

Composition: Water, citric seed extracts, herbal oils, alcohol, natural gelling agent.

Application: Depending of the pet´s weight put some gel on your finger, lift pet´s flew and apply the gel with your finger on the teeth. For example in the morning rightwards and in the evening the other way around. Pets should not eat or drink 30 minutes before and afer the treatment. After the successful treatment, for maintenance you should apply Oral Clean+Care once every 3 days in order to prevent the build-up of new tartar, protect the gums from inflammation and eliminate halitosis.

We recommend: first Classic, then Forte! For the first round of treatment, it is preferable to use OralClean+Care Classic. If your pet tolerates it well, change if necessary after the first bottle to OralClean+Care Forte.

Bottle Content: 120ml

Our product #: 214907

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