• Mid West 24 Contour Dog Crate-  Small Model: 824

Mid West 24 Contour Dog Crate- Small Model: 824


Contour Crates, featuring exclusive LapLock Technology, provide a personal, den-like space for dogs and serve as a perfect tool for housebreaking, puppy training, and travel. LapLock Technology creates multiple lock points on the perimeter of the door for added security, combined with safe and easy-to-use slide-bolt latches.
The doors also feature low thresholds and large openings, allowing pets to easily enter and exit the crate. Contour Crates set up in seconds and fold down flat for storage.
The included divider panel can be used to adjust the living space for a puppy, and the durable, leak-proof plastic pan can be removed for cleaning. 
Size reference:

Model No. Size Product weight Ideal for pets
Model 818 18.88' L x 13' W x 14.25' H  8 lbs up to 6lbs
Model 824 25.25' L x 17.63' W x 19.38' H 15 lbs up to 25lbs
Model 830 30'L x 19'W x 21'H 19 lbs up to 40lbs
Model 836 36.5'L x 22.88'W x 24.63'H 26 lbs up to 70lbs
Model 842 42.75' 'L x 28.63'W x 30.25'H 37 lbs up to 90lbs
Model 848 48.46'L x 30.35'W x 31.92'H 40 lbs up to 110lbs

Crate Assembly

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